Atlas Copco Boomer Drill Rig Simulator

The Atlas Copco Boomer is a range of high capacity drill rigs with a boom system designed for straight-hole drilling applications, such as tunneling and drifting, mine development and production.

Recent models incorporate the Rig Control System (RCS), a computerized control system that monitors and automates several processes of the rig.

The Atlas Copco Boomer simulator provides an accurate and highly realistic training in operating procedures, from a basic level to the more advanced:

  • Cab instruments and controls and basic handling procedures.
  • Outdoor driving and underground tramming.
  • Safely loading and unloading from flat bed trailer.
  • Winding and unwinding of electrical cable and water hose reels.
  • Operating the RCS.
  • Laser-based rig navigation and boom calibration procedures.
  • Manual and assisted drilling.
  • Error simulation.

The Atlas Copco Boomer Simulator is available in a wide range of configurations designed to satisfy almost any requirement:

The most compact and transportable version requires only a laptop computer. Besides Inmersio's simulation software, it also includes Atlas Copco's own RCS software, which shows a virtual operator panel and display on the screen. Optionally, it is also possible to connect a real control panel and display. These, whether real or virtual, behave identically as if connected to a real rig: the operator panel allows complete control of the drill rig during the simulation and the RCS display shows all data in real time.

The high-end version features a highly realistic cab replica with the original controls, two Full HD screens (for both forward and rear views) and, optionally, an advanced motion system capable of accurately reproducing the motion of the simulated rig. A separate instructor station allows monitoring and interacting with the simulation, as well as triggering malfunctions.

The range of Boomer Simulator versions are being used succesfully by Atlas Copco since 2006.